Accurate Covid Home Test Kits with Video Call Guidance

We offer Covid home tests with video call guidance via video call for secure and rapid testing.

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“Thank you very much for this really simple process and the help received.”

Customer Review


“Thank you so much for the fast and uncomplicated service today!!!”

Customer Review


“Everything is perfect. Your purchasing system is just fabulous. Thank you!”

Choose Below the Test You Need

Choose from 3 options: Fit-to-Fly (to show at the airport), Test to Release (to shorten quarantine time) and Antigen test (for yourself).

COVID-19 Fit-to-Fly Test

Flying abroad? You'll a need Fit-to-Fly certificate.

COVID-19 Test to Release

Finish self-isolation earlier when returning from abroad.

Test Yourself for COVID-19

Find out if you have contracted COVID-19.

Get Tested in 3 Simple Steps

An easy, fast and uncomplicated process.


1. Open your test kit

Order your test kit with us or open your box at home.


2. Follow instructions

Easy instructions including online medical guidance.


3. Get your certificate

Receive your certificate (same day for antigen or within 1 or 2 days for PCR tests).

Remote Video Consultation

Our dedicated team of medical practitioners will guide you through the entire process and issue your certificate.

COVID-19 Healthcare Professionals

A team of healthcare professionals will help you take the test and issue your certificate.

Online medical guidance while you take your test

Tests taken at home under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

Practitioner will help you step-by-step

We will send you a video link via email. Just click and chat.

We will issue and send your certificate

You receive your certificate via email as soon as we have your results.

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